A statement from the Professor

To whom this may concern

I have never denied the use of a controlled combination of mild hallucinogens, nitrous oxide and sodium pentathol during my experimental interrogations. The violent attacks I subsequently endured are the result of a misunderstanding over the Geneva Convention. So, for the record and hopefully for the last time, I say again... International law only prohibits administering these narcotics to interviewees.

Sincerely Yours

You can access info on the technologies employed by the Prof through the links below.
[An inactive link indicates we’re waiting on (imminent) de-classification.]

  • The Kantometer (sees into a man’s soul!)
  • Parallelo-Time-O-Vision (a new dimension in understanding)
  • Alternative Reality Clarification (politico psycho babble translator)
  • Lies : Public Gullibility Index (the method behind the madness)