Jonathan Dimbleby meets the Professor

Who are you ?

A Professor in the Science of Deceit. I was employed to devise a test capable of discovering an MPs true desire for honesty and accountability. The results speak for themselves.

What results, what test ?

During the making of the film we asked over 50 MPs and Ministers if they wanted honesty, transparency and accountability, naturally they all said yes.

And ?

Then we asked if they'd support a law making it illegal for an MP to lie.

And ?

To watch a politician sing for honesty, transparency and accountability then seconds later explain why they won't support a law enforcing this is eye-watering. There's no-where to run, no-where to hide. It's a rare treat not even Jeremy Paxman can always deliver, but we've found a way for every voter to do the same thing.

You mean they can lie to us at the moment – and get away with it?

Absolutely. There’s no law in this country that makes it an offence for MPs to deceive the electorate. When we asked the Parliamentary draftsmen to help draw up the law you should have seen the look in their eyes.

But they did it ?

Absolutely. It became The Elected Representatives (Prohibition of Deception) Bill - and now anyone can use it to find out if their MP or candidate really wants to be held accountable for lying. Very useful before a general election.

Who was the funniest interviewee ?

Well... there was one the BBC wouldn't broadcast.

Who was that with ?

I couldn't possibly say. But I'm happy to confirm it's a matter of great public interest. Jack Straw certainly got a little irritated and sent the Kantometer of the scale.

The Kantometer ?

Yes, a device I invented that can see into a man's soul. You have to be very careful how you pronounce it's name in front of Ministers. Not so much with regular MPs. Let me show you how it works.


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